Mahindra’s Parable of the XUV500

Buddha’s Parable of Kisotogami has been one famous story from Buddha and Buddhism. This is a tale of a girl called Kisotogami who was attacked by a cheetah and rescued by one of Rajah’s servant. An interesting tale where Gautam Buddha speaks about the cycle of life and death. Read the rest of this entry

AhhhMyGod! I’m now a Buddhist

My love and affection towards the Buddh International Circuit doesn’t seem to be one-sided as I’m constantly receiving invites from India’s only Formula 1 track. First, it was the Ford Fiesta AT, this time in less than a month the call came to be a part of AMG’s first Indian session of the Driving Academy. I’m turning into a Buddh-ist and the feeling is great. All I wish that these events continue to happen and invites continue to flood my inbox. Read the rest of this entry

OctaneAddict’s Monastery

Hindus visit Temples; Muslims go to the Mosque, while the Catholics attend mass in the Church. For OctaneAddicts, motoring and racing venues are holy and divine. So technically speaking, BIC is the monastery for Indian petrol-heads. Read the rest of this entry

Hypertronic Superstar

Things keep on evolving. Back in the old days, people used to fumble with their tie, shuffle their feet or hair when they ran out of conversation. Then the handheld devices came in to play around. But some things remain forever. One such example are the cars of high pedigree. Luxury cars and coupes of generation were and still are capable of turning heads. The law of survival of the fittest holds true even for the automotive industry, but certainly with a different set of terms and conditions. Who knows it better than the manufacturer who introduced automobiles to the mankind, and the company still lingers as one of the most renowned global brands. Yes, the company here in question is Mercedes-Benz – one of the oldest luxury car brands that has deep roots even in the Indian auto history books. Read the rest of this entry

A leaf from a motoring journo’s life

Dump the clutch. Burn some rubber. Tour the world. Fly business-class. Stay in five stars. Perfect life! This is what motoring journalists do. Half the world does think so. This is partially true and so I choose this as my first topic to share my 2 hoots on this topic. I thought of starting with a factual story, rather than a tongue-and-cheek one. To avoid eating up your time, this shall be a quick splash-and-dash story that speaks briefly about one of the rarest species on earth— the motoring journalists— who are known to be lucky, and hated by more than 4 billion people who are Jealous.

Read the rest of this entry


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